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Meet DizzyGuide, your new assistant

A validated algorithm looks at patient input from an advanced online questionnaire. That results in a complete DizzyGuide report with only relevant answers and information.

Benefits realized by users

Focus your attention

With the detailed DizzyGuide report, you can focus on only the relevant symptoms, knowing that all other questions have been asked. This results in a much-deepened consultation, time saved, and room for more income-generating patients. 

An excellent foundation 

While the DizzyGuide reports work as an excellent foundation for your consultation, it also provides you with an almost complete record ready to copy into your medical records.

This is guaranteed to save time. 

Patients are aware of their symptoms

Our DizzyGuide users have reported that patients are more aware of their symptoms after using the DizzyGuide questionnaire prior to visiting the clinic. Some users even noticed that patients answer the questionnaire more honestly because taboo-related subjects are easier to explain in a questionnaire.


DizzyGuide ensures a standard approach for all patients. Our software ensures that you always have a standard overview of all your dizzy patients when they walk into your clinic. The DizzyGuide algorithm provides you with symptom clusters related to dizziness and instability problems. The symptom clusters intend to be recommendations for relevant examinations and what to focus on.

Patient satisfaction

The overall patient satisfaction is also elevated because potential wait time seem less and patients finally feel heard about all their symptoms.

Documentation for insurance audits

With the Dizzyguide report, you always have standardized documentation of the patients healthstatus. As DizzyGuide is based on knowledge and years of experience of leading dizziness specialists in the areas of otology, neurology, psychiatry, and audiology you also have a validated second opinion which can be used as documentation for your insurance audit.

DizzyGuide, not just another questionnaire

DizzyGuide takes medical questionnaires to the next level by embedding automated intelligence and algorithms into the equation. Technologies assure that your time is utilized most efficiently by handling secure communication with your patients, organizing patient input in an easy-to-comprehend report where only relevant data is included, and utilizing guidance from algorithms based on knowledge from the Worlds leading vestibular experts.