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Welcome to DizzyGuide where we’re dedicated to empowering clinicians like you to provide exceptional care for patients dealing with dizziness. Our revolutionary platform, DizzyGuide, is designed with your needs in mind, offering two key benefits that will transform the way you practice medicine.

  1. Connect with the best patients for your clinic: Say goodbye to patients that are not a good match for your clinical focus and capabilities. The DizzyGuide matching system allows you to review the anonymized patient history to make sure you’re equipped to handle their condition before making any referral.
  2. Validated Reports for Faster Evaluations: Time is of the essence when it comes to diagnosing and treating patients with dizziness. With DizzyGuide, you’ll gain access to validated reports generated from our advanced algorithms and patient inputs. These reports provide valuable insights, accelerating the evaluation time and enhancing diagnostic accuracy. You can confidently make informed decisions right from the start, optimizing patient care and improving overall outcomes.

Let’s work together to enhance healthcare delivery, patient satisfaction, and ultimately make a positive impact on the lives of those seeking relief from dizziness.

Your results

  • Efficient Patient Matching
  • Validated Reports for Quick Evaluations
  • Focus on Exceptional Care
  • Enhance Healthcare Delivery
  • Make a Positive Impact

Supports Clinical Diagnosis

With the aid of DizzyGuide’s validated report, clinicians can efficiently navigate through the diagnostic process. The streamlined evaluation and access to critical information enable clinicians to save time and make well-informed decisions swiftly. This efficiency allows them to focus more on delivering exceptional patient care, tailoring treatments, and providing support to those dealing with dizziness. By integrating DizzyGuide into their practice, clinicians can be confident in their diagnoses, providing the best care possible and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Symptom clusters

The DizzyGuide algorithm points towards one or multiple of the below symptom clusters.

  • Semicircular Canal Dehiscence symptoms
  • Menieres symptoms
  • Positional vertigo symptoms
  • Visual vertigo symptoms
  • Vestibular migraine symptoms
  • Persistent dizziness symptoms
  • Degenerative dizziness symptoms
  • Dizziness concussion symptoms
  • Treatment-resistant headache symptoms
  • Unexplained falls
  • Anxiety and/or depression symptoms
  • Other/complex dizziness symptoms

The foundation of DizzyGuide

Knowledge and years of experience of leading dizziness specialists in the areas of otology, neurology, psychiatry, and audiology form DizzyGuide’s foundation. The original questionnaire and algorithm were developed at Mayo Clinic. A 4-year process has led to a refined questionnaire and a validated algorithm.

Data security, privacy, and trust

Protecting your data is a top priority. DizzyGuide supports GDPR (Europe) and HIPAA (USA) compliance and regulations from other regions in the world. Data security is guaranteed by partnerships with companies that also provide data security to banks and governmental healthcare institutes. DizzyGuide services are accessed through an internet browser.

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