Only one more time…
…that you explain your dizziness

Dizziness is an off balance or tumbling or spinning or light-headed or fainting sensation. Large population studies show that about 15% to over 20% of adults are affected by dizziness yearly (2016, H.K. Neuhauser). Unfortunately, finding the causes of a dizziness problem and its solutions can be complex.

No surprise that patients might visit many addresses, seeing multiple specialists, and sometimes still do not get satisfying explanations for their dizziness.

DizzyGuide is a service with a balance questionnaire that aims to ask all relevant questions about your dizziness only one more time. That should lead to finding the last stop for getting the diagnosis and treatment plan in place.

Our goal for individual patients is that they get appropriate help as quickly as possible.

Our goal for society is to make vestibular healthcare more effective so that help is provided to more dizzy patients and at a lower cost.

Try the balance questionnaire

It is no magic

And we do not pretend to get a diagnosis out of your answers.

We bundled the experience and knowledge of some of world’s leading vestibular professionals. By asking the right questions we can indicate what symptoms are worth investigating first so that a diagnosis is found quickest. And if not found immediately, we can indicate what to investigate next.

We can inform clinicians about which tests to use during the examination. And if you wonder whom to go to, we can describe the expertise of the professionals who are best suited to see your type of dizziness symptoms.

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