Only one more time……that you explain your dizziness

Experiencing dizziness can be an unsettling sensation, with symptoms ranging from feeling off balance to tumbling, spinning, or even experiencing light-headedness or fainting. Studies have shown that a significant percentage of adults, around 15% to over 20%, are affected by dizziness each year (2016, H.K. Neuhauser). However, uncovering the underlying causes and finding effective solutions for dizziness can be a complex and challenging process.

At DizzyGuide, we understand the frustration that patients may face, visiting numerous specialists and seeking answers without satisfactory results. That’s why we’ve developed DizzyGuide, a unique service featuring a comprehensive balance questionnaire. Our mission is to simplify the process by asking all the relevant questions about your dizziness just one time. Through this efficient approach, we aim to help you find the right clinician to confirm a diagnosis and treatment plan, putting an end to the search for answers.

Our primary goal is to ensure that individual patients receive the appropriate help with the first best clinician that matches their symptoms. We strive to provide you with a clear path towards finding relief from dizziness, offering the guidance and support you deserve. Moreover, our broader mission extends to society, where we aim to make vestibular healthcare more effective and accessible. By streamlining the diagnostic process and facilitating better healthcare outcomes, we aspire to assist more dizzy patients and the overall well-being of our community.

It is no magic

We bundled the experience and knowledge of some of world’s leading vestibular professionals. By asking the right questions we can indicate what symptoms are worth investigating first so that a diagnosis is found quickest. And if not found immediately, we can indicate what to investigate next.

We can inform clinicians about which tests to use during the examination. And if you wonder whom to go to, we can describe the expertise of the professionals who are best suited to see your type of dizziness symptoms.

Join our Beta

We are currently developing new features for patients and clinicians on our platform. If you wish to be considered for a future beta version, please submit your contact information here. We will reach out to when the platform is ready to use.