Company History

2023 & Beyond: A New Chapter with Vestibular First

A transformative chapter began when DizzyGuide was acquired by Vestibular First in June 2023. This acquisition marked the expansion of the vision of DizzyGuide into a platform that focuses on the core technology, which is connecting patients to the right first clinician to help get a proper and timely diagnosis. This new focus also presented a patient-facing rebranding to help focus on our core strength: the network. Dizzy Care Network emerged and with a renewed mission: providing a direct path for individuals experiencing dizziness to find the optimal specialist based on their unique set of symptoms. The network embodies a patient-first approach, utilizing clinically-validated technologies to deliver targeted referrals. This approach significantly reduces time to diagnosis, minimizes expenses and delays, and ensures clarity and confidence in every step towards a balanced life. With its rebranding, the Dizzy Care Network is poised to expand its mission beyond the clinic and directly to patients, emphasizing accessibility and precision in healthcare solutions.

2022: Overcoming Challenges

Inno.Health faced a series of challenges. The team, confronted with high operational costs due to the utilization of a private cloud infrastructure, made strategic decisions to scale down development activities. This period allowed for introspection and careful planning to chart a more sustainable course forward.

2021: Continuous Evolution and Growth achieved a significant milestone with the onboarding of its first customers. To enhance and refine DizzyGuide further, additional research initiatives were undertaken. The team was expanded by bringing in a second developer, ensuring the continuous evolution of the product to meet the needs of its growing user base.

2020: Transformative Developments

The Inno.Health team expanded, adding a product manager well-versed in audiology. Collective efforts bore fruit as DizzyGuide progressed from a conceptual stage to a ‘sellable’ product ready for release. Inno.Health reached out to the healthcare community through webinars, showcasing DizzyGuide’s capabilities, and initiated trials, allowing firsthand experience of the product’s potential.

2019: Laying the Foundations

The journey began with the establishment of Inno.Health. A collaboration between professionals with expertise in audiology sales and health record systems laid the groundwork. Driven by a shared vision to create an impactful solution in dizziness healthcare, the venture quickly gained momentum. The rights to a groundbreaking algorithm developed by Mayo Clinic were secured for the flagship product – DizzyGuide. A full-time programmer was enlisted promptly, ensuring the concept was brought to life and development commenced.