• Fast track your patients

    Fast track your patients

  • Respects professional differences

    Respects professional differences

  • Only one more time…

    Only one more time…

Instead of talking 15 minutes with each dizzy patient, our scheduler spends just 2 minutes to get them started with DizzyGuide.

Joseph Mikus, MD, Winchester, VA, USA

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Our favorite compliments

Our Product Specialist shares some feedback received by DizzyGuide users:

  • A user from a private balance practice shared: “Once we forgot to include the DizzyGuide report when reporting back to a referring doctor. He called us and told us not to send patients back to him without the DizzyGuide report being part of it.”
  • After two weeks of using DizzyGuide an audiologist shared: “Something happened that I had not expected. Everyone in my practice seems to have grown, walk more straight up, so much does it boost our confidence.”
  • Users tell us how their history taking has changed. Never before they experienced that so many patients do precisely share what medication they are on. And more in general, comparing to only talking face to face with patients, they seem to share their experiences more truthfully.
  • When asking a user with two months experience to mention what features are missing or could be improved, the answer was: “I really cannot tell. I am still too much in the ‘in love phase’.”
  • But when asking the same person if she would be using a new feature that allows measuring with a follow-up questionnaire how a patient is doing a few weeks after the treatment has been started, the answer is: “Yes of course, that would be absolutely wonderful.”

    Jos Huijnen, Audiologist & Product Specialist at DizzyGuide 


DizzyGuide is a web application (SaaS) used for sharing balance questionnaires with patients. A validated algorithm looks at the reported symptoms and highlights what to focus on first. Local preferences define the instructions that are given to a scheduler. The instructions include what tests to perform and who is best suited to see the patient first. 

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