DizzyGuide – Fast track your care

Expert Insights Meet Patient-First Care

Our patient-first approach puts you in the drivers seat of your dizziness care. No more bouncing around between specialists and unnecessary tests. Our advanced matching algorithm calculates your symptom clusters precisely and finds a clinician with the right experience and equipment for an early and accurate diagnosis.

Enhancing Health, Empowering Clinicians

With DizzyGuide, clinicians can focus their time and expertise on what matters most – patient health. A validated report developed at Mayo Clinic will allow you to confirm the patient is a good match for your clinic as well as be able to review in advance a comprehensive history for an efficient clinical evaluation.

What is DizzyGuide?

DizzyGuide is a web-based tool for connecting patients to qualified clinicians. A validated algorithm developed at Mayo Clinic looks at the reported symptoms and matches them to the clinicians’ experience and equipment recommended.